Saturday, April 4, 2009

Studio Sale & Bistro Collection coming to Baby Go Retro

Hey Everyone..

It has been a while since I blogged..was in a funk after the whole CPSIA thang and it has taken me some time to figure it all out.

We have a least that's what they say so I am going to take advantage of that year and do some awesome collections! Coming super soon to the website and take this time to also prepare for our jaunt back to LA for culinary school..I will be hitting school and sewing as well..I can do it ..right?

I am first..having a Studio Friday and Saturday from 10am - 4pm


2415 Huckleberry Lane

Langley, WA 98260

Call 360-321-2342 for more details!!
Sewing Supplies, Crafts, Fabrics...and of course Clothes!

Hope everyone is doing fabulous!!!

More posts coming soon!!
I have Wisteria Lane News..and launch info..just have to get the girl ready for bed..

Have a great night!!


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