Saturday, April 4, 2009

Studio Sale & Bistro Collection coming to Baby Go Retro

Hey Everyone..

It has been a while since I blogged..was in a funk after the whole CPSIA thang and it has taken me some time to figure it all out.

We have a least that's what they say so I am going to take advantage of that year and do some awesome collections! Coming super soon to the website and take this time to also prepare for our jaunt back to LA for culinary school..I will be hitting school and sewing as well..I can do it ..right?

I am first..having a Studio Friday and Saturday from 10am - 4pm


2415 Huckleberry Lane

Langley, WA 98260

Call 360-321-2342 for more details!!
Sewing Supplies, Crafts, Fabrics...and of course Clothes!

Hope everyone is doing fabulous!!!

More posts coming soon!!
I have Wisteria Lane News..and launch info..just have to get the girl ready for bed..

Have a great night!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Portland Picks!!

Portland Picks...picked my awesome friend Violet and her store as one of their little owl outfit is featured in the cool is that!!
Check out the linkage! Go Vi!! And be sure to stop by..for some fab Christmas gifts if you are in Portland for some shopping.

Poppy & Ivy/Violet1315 NE Fremont St.Portland, OR 97212503.284.4804

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chasing Rainbows

Come visit on the 1st of Jan for my new Chasing Rainbows launch..things are madness around here so gonna make it short!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Go Retro...News

Hey there..yes I have been quiet again on the bloggage...getting it together! And honestly facebook has taken over. Oh my gosh..have I had fun on that site! I am excited to hear news of friends on a daily basis..catch up with old friends..and keep in seriously has been a onto the news...

Tee-Time Items are going to be added daily for the next week!! Starting tomorrow...seriously..tomorrow...

Get your Sale On!
will Start December 2nd-14th..this is our 3rd Annual Holiday Sale...and will not include any of the Tee Time items..we will have a doozy this year though so be sure to check it out!! Stuff those stockings this year with some cute clothes!

December 15th the website will be shut down...I am not leaving just going to get the site ready for my Chasing Rainbows Launch on January 1st and take a holiday break with the family..need to do some serious inventory as well..and hey it is just me this holiday I can only do so much!

My annual coupon will go out on the 2nd as well..for my best customer of the year..can't wait to see who it is!!

And..I have loads of 5T tee time dresses for Alli to choose from first..oh my gosh I am so sorry it has taken so long..seriously I never thought it would be so long..I blame my husband for taking my camera battery charger to LA with him...but you can blame me!! I will email you the minute I have that size on the site...or maybe I will just send pic's first..I feel terrible!!

Hope all is well in everyone's world...and you all have an incredible Thanksgiving..we are headed to Seattle..going out to eat to Cutter's Restaurant with my mama and no cooking for me..
I am excited..


Friday, October 24, 2008

And...the winner is!

Alli Woods!

Let me know the size you want and I will send over a preview Sunday morning!



Okay so I FINALLY have my fabulous swing coats in..I have it in this lovely polka incredible aqua and a peachy pink that is edible! I am waiting on pic's for the Aqua and Peachy Pink but the Charming! Jacket is available two weeks for sizes 2-5..we were waiting on covered buttons to be made so they are coming super soon! Aren't they totally cute and Melinda and her girlie did a fab job at photo's..if you are in the San Ramon, SF her for pic's! She rocks the house!! Her info along with all the fabulous photo guru's I work with are under my Cast of Characters info on the site..really check them out..they are amazing!!

Tomorrow is the big day for the drawing..Mads has a half day so will be home at 1ish..I will have her drawn the name around 2ish so check the blog!! I am crossing fingers for all of you..wish I could send you all dresses but I have to pay the bills too!

Have a great butt will be on the computer...allll day!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

VOTE!!!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!!!

I am in a family of Obama Supporters and McCain Supporters..whatever your heart desires..just do me a favor and an American it is your right..don't stay silent..this is a HUGE election..just like any election should be...this is your right...go for it! I was born in Canada..and became an American citizen when I was 18..I haven't missed a voting opportunity since that day...I hope every 18-120 year old makes a choice to say what you want in your America...even if you think you will be disappointed or it doesn't does! ..make that choice...VOTE!!